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When you have a leaky faucet or maybe even a clogged drain, you probably turned off your shut off valve under the sink. While this is perfectly normal, sometimes, an older shut off valve develops leaks when they are shut off to install or repair a plumbing fixture. If this is the current state of your under sink shut off valve, reach out to Young Plumbing immediately. Our Valparaiso plumbers can inspect your shut off valve and replace them if they look old or if they are hard to turn. Whether you have copper water lines, galvanized steel or plastic pipes, our plumbing experts have over three decades of experience to help ensure that you have a functioning shut off valve under your sink.

Do you have an old, inefficient shut off valve? Or has it started leaking? Contact Young Plumbing for fast, reliable plumbing services in Valparaiso and throughout Northwest Indiana as well as Chicagoland!

Reliable Garbage Disposal Services

One option that can be a part of your plumbing system is a garbage disposal. Rather than filling your garbage with food waste, you can grind leftovers in your garbage disposal and flush them down the drain.

Some of the benefits of installing a garbage disposal include:

  • Reduces the risk of a clogged drain
  • Gets rid of bad kitchen odors especially from food waste left in the trash
  • Helps the environment by reducing the need for plastic trash bags
  • Makes your kitchen more sanitary, which is better for your health

Whether you are looking to repair or replace your garbage disposal, our Valparaiso plumbers can help. In addition to our high-quality services, we also provide the best in Valparaiso sewer repair as well as offer top of the line products including garbage disposals from the most trusted brands in the market today.

Need to Replace Your Under Sink Pipes? Call Us!

If you have aged and deteriorating drain piping under your sinks, call our Valparaiso plumbing company to replace the pipes before they begin to leak and cause water damage to your fine cabinetry. Our Valparaiso plumbing experts offer superior repiping services using copper or plastic. You can trust that we get the job done right.

Schedule an under sink plumbing service today at (219) 240-0075. Young Plumbing is ready to help!

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