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If you have a problematic toilet that has low flushing power, gets clogged easily or keeps running, turn to Young Plumbing. With over three decades of industry experience, our licensed Valparaiso plumbing experts can provide the right solution to your problem. For our customers who need to replace their old, inefficient toilets, we also install the highest rated toilets based on Consumer Reports to alleviate all possible toilet issues in your home or commercial space.

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Let Our Team Tackle Your Clogged Toilet

Have you experienced using a toilet that won’t flush? It can be pretty terrifying just watching the water rise up, overflow, and begin flooding the floor. If your toilet is going back up instead of down, it is likely that you have a clogged sewer line. At Young Plumbing, we can promptly come to your location and get to the source of your clogged toilet. Whether the problem is just in the trap or further down the sewer line, our licensed Valparaiso plumbers are equipped with state-of-the-art tools and methods to completely clear your sewer line.

Stop Wasting Water Because of a Running Toilet

A running toilet is more than an inconvenience, it also wastes gallons of water resulting in high utility bills.

There are three common causes of a running toilet including:

  • A worn out flapper valve
  • A corroded overflow pipe
  • Problems with the flush valve assembly

While the inside of your toilet may look pretty straightforward, repairing this on your own without proper training may lead to worsening the problem or even rendering your toilet useless. Let our team at Young Plumbing handle this for you. As a seasoned plumbing company, our team is known for their expertise in toilet repairs. We can provide you with prompt, reliable service that can help you save water and money in the long run.

Our Valparaiso Plumbers Are Available 24/7

From toilet repairs to installations, trust Young Plumbing to get the job done right. We can even help you find and install low-flow toilets, comfort height toilets, or smart toilets for your specific needs.

For all your Valparaiso toilet plumbing needs, contact our team at (219) 240-0075!

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