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Valparaiso Sewer Repair

Utilizing Cutting-Edge Technology for Sewer Services

At Young Plumbing, our Valparaiso plumbing technicians are fully trained in the use of highly advanced equipment and technologies to solve all your drain and plumbing problems, including sewer line repair and replacement. We inspect sewer lines through the use of fiber optic sewer line cameras that let us see what is going on with your underground drain line. We then diagnose specific problems and provide the most efficient remedy to get your drains working as they should.

Traditional Trench Excavation

One of most widely and popularly used method in sewer line repairs is the open cut or trench method. This is done by digging into the location of the damaged pipes to gain access and easily replace it. With this method, our Valparaiso plumber may require the use of a backhoe to open and refill the work area. While this sounds like an invasive way of repairing or replacing pipes, trench excavation still has a lot of advantages.

Some of these advantages include:

  • It can be less expensive than trenchless methods, especially in non-pavement areas
  • A more suitable remedy for severely damaged pipes, collapsed pipes, and pipes with heavy root blockage
  • Does not require roots or debris to be removed from the pipes

If you decide to opt for an open cut method, our team will strive hard to minimize the disturbance on your property. If we need to break a portion of your pavement or drywall, rest assured that we will fix this up ourselves after the service. Additionally, we take care of the necessary permits for your sewer repair or replacement in Valparaiso.

Book a Service Today

Whether your sewer lines have been damaged because of root invasion, ground movement, or aging, our certified Valparaiso sewer repair technicians can quickly come to your location and provide an accurate diagnosis, so we’ll know which sewer line repair or replacement method is best for your specific needs.

Contact Young Plumbing at (219) 240-0075 to schedule a service today! We provide a detailed estimates on our Valparaiso sewer line repair and replacement.

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