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Sewer Main Cleaning in Valparaiso

Getting Down to the Root Cause of Slow & Clogged Drains

At Young Plumbing we know that contrary to popular belief, drain cleaning is not something that should only be performed when your shower has begun draining slowly, or your kitchen sink won’t empty. Drain cleaning is a preventative maintenance service that should be done periodically even if you haven’t encountered any problems. With over three decades of experience, our Valparaiso plumbers from Young Plumbing have seen how a simple regular drain cleaning can keep your main sewer line in practically new condition. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we provide a thorough inspection of your plumbing. We inspect not just the drains in the trap, but also further down the main sewer line to pinpoint any potential problems such as grime build up or tree roots growing inside the pipes.

Other advantages of a regular sewer inspection and cleaning include:

  • Prevents major clogging or backups
  • Reduces odors
  • Restore drains to proper working order
  • A cleaner and more pleasant home environment as well as outdoor area

We Have the Skills & Technology to Help You

When you contact Young Plumbing to resolve your drainage problems, we first find the exact location of the issue to determine if it is your indoor or outdoor drains that need cleaning.

Some of the technology we utilize for your sewer line inspections include:

  • Electronic pipe locator system- A device that can find the path and depth of sewer line located under a concrete slab
  • In-line camera inspection- A small video camera that is inserted down the sewer line to determine the exact location of a clog or to see the extent of the damage to the pipes

Our Valparaiso plumbers may use either one or both of these technologies to have a clearer visual on the condition of your drains and main sewer line. We then provide you with an accurate diagnosis along with useful repair options that can range from a simple cleaning to pipe replacement.

When to Have Your Sewer Inspection & Cleaning

The end of winter and summer are probably the best times that you should schedule your sewer main line inspection. It has been proven that tree roots grow the most in late spring and through early summer with another smaller growth spurt in the early fall. When you have your sewer inspection and cleaning in either of these times, our Valparaiso plumbers can ensure that your sewer line is without the cracks or holes that tree roots usually grow into, effectively preventing any potential clogs throughout the year.

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