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Most people only think of drain cleaning when the shower drains slowly or the kitchen sink won't empty. The truth is if you live in a single family home in an established neighborhood you may want to consider having your sewer line cleaned periodically even if you aren't having trouble.
The sewer line is the large line to which all the other lateral lines inside the home run, like the shower, hand basins, kitchen sink, etc., and it is often the source of the backup because of tiny thread-like tree roots that search for water and find it in the sewer line. Sewer line is laid in sections and a tree root will find its way between the sections and begin to grow in the line.

Young Plumbing Helps With Your Drain Cleaning Needs

When Young Plumbing encounters a problem with drainage in a sewer, we determine if an interior drain cleaning or exterior drain cleaning is needed, but we first must find the location of the problem and determine if it is another problem, like a broken drain line that is not causing the drainage issue. If the exact location of the pipe is not known, an electronic pipe location system may be used. Then an in-line camera inspection is done with a small camera fed down the sewer line. This helps us to find the exact location of the clog or if the drain or sewer itself is damaged, which may require sewer replacement.
Clogged drains require prompt service to avoid waste backing up into areas where people live and work. Young Plumbing has the right equipment to clear the drain or sewer of a clog quickly, restoring it to normal operation.
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