Installation of a new sump pump — Sump pump installation in Portage, IN

Sump & Ejector Pump Repair in Northwest Indiana and Southeast Chicagoland

Service & Replacement for Sump Pumps

When you have wastewater issues, you can count on Young Plumbing to deliver the very best solutions—our commitment to top quality offers you years of service and durability—with our responsive and knowledgeable plumbing experts, we are just a phone call away.
A sump pump removes the groundwater that settles around your home. They are excellent for parts of Indiana and Illinois that experience heavy rain. They are necessary for homes built on low-lying or flat areas. A Sump Pump can save you a lot of money in damage when flooding occurs. It will provide your home with protection from groundwater and moisture. Young Plumbing will help you understand the different types of sump pumps, and help you choose the one with the features you need. If your sump pump has gone out, we have the certified expertise to repair or replace it.
While sump pumps are generally very reliable and maintenance-free, they can occasionally fail. Even when the pump is working perfectly, a power outage at a critical time can leave you exposed to a potentially devastating situation. For these reasons, anyone with a sump pump should consider installing a battery backup system in addition to the primary pump. This is a secondary sump pump that will run on battery power when your primary pump loses its energy source. Feel free to ask our technicians about a backup system to protect your home and your belongings.

Service and Replacement for Ejector Pumps

When you have a room with fixtures that are below the sewer line taking your wastewater away from your home, an ejector pump is used to pump waste from those areas to the main sewer line. A basin is used to collect any waste and when the level in the basin reaches a set point, the pump will engage and pump the basin contents to the sewer main. This is often the setup for installing a bathroom in an existing basement.
Let Young Plumbing install a sump pump system in your home. We use the finest quality pumps.
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